Swelling In Upper Eyelid

One of the most common eye problems in older adults is a skin condition called blepharitis . In severe cases, it may also cause styes , irritation and inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva. Inflammation happens when the body tries to fight an injury or infection and the specific area tends to look swollen and sore. Some patients have no symptoms at all. Blepharitis usually affects both eyes on the edge of the eyelids and although rarely serious, it can be an uncomfortable, persistent and irritating problem.

Pink eye usually lasts about a week, and infects more people during the cold and flu season. Many people come in contact with the pink eye virus and don't notice the symptoms until 24 - 72 hours later! Even though it takes a while for the signs of conjunctivitis to show, it's wise to treat the cause and symptoms at the very first sign.

Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea - Probably the most popular type. It is characterized by flushing and persistent redness, and may also include visible blood vessels. When people ask what is rosacea, this is what they typically think of. It is important to realize that the condition can worsen without proper treatment.

Sinuses are small air cavities located around the nose, known as Para nasal sinuses, situated inside the head bones. The frontal sinus lies right up the eyes in the brow area, the maxillary sinuses are inside the cheekbones, the ethmoid sinus is localized between the eyes and behind it, and the sphenoid sinus lies behind the eyes in the upper region.

Another cause for chronic conjunctivitis is the environment. Air pollution, smoke and contact lens that are worn incorrectly can all be the causes of this eye issue. Under such circumstances, we can change the working environment by keeping it clean and stopping smoking. When the eyes feel dry, eye lube can be used to clean the conjunctivae sac.

A stye can be secondary, caused by blepharitis. A blocked oil gland near the eye, a chalazion, is often mistaken for a stye. Styes are not harmful to vision, and they can occur at any age. A stye initially brings pain, redness, tenderness and swelling in the area, then a small pimple appears. Sometimes just the immediate area is swollen; other times the entire eyelid swells.

Eye problems reported with CPAP therapy include dry eyes, red eyes, swollen eyes (skin around the eyes), and redness of the eyelids and face around the eyes. Any of these symptoms should be discussed with your Doctor who prescribed CPAP therapy and if needed you can request further help from your Optometrist.

One of the things that some doctors believe is good for blepharitis is too keep the eyelids clean, but it is important to make sure that the things that you use for cleaning are appropriate and are also very clean. If it cannot be treated like this then other treatments such as anti-inflammatory drops are used. Sometimes it is also treated by the use of antibiotics but this is a treatment that needs to be recommended by your doctor. If you think that you might have blepharitis it is a good idea to see your doctor so that they can recommend a treatment.


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  1. antise7en says:

    what is causing my upper eyelid to become swollen?
    Over the past year now i have my right upper eyelid become swollen. First, i had gotten off a plane and wanted to pop my ears so i tried closing my nose and my mouth to blow air out my ear. instead i felt a little air come out my eye and the next second my whole right upper eyelid was swollen. it looked like i got punched. the next time it was around winter time and i had a cold. i tried to clear a stuffy noise and it happened again. This is were it gets strange. EXACTLY 1 year after the first time it happened. i was swimming in a pool with goggles on and as soon as i was getting out of the pool i pulled the goggles off and it happened again. on the same day it happened 1 year ago. which was July 15th. Each time it has happened now it only last 3 days then it is pretty much gone away. Does anyone know what is going on? i would like to find out just incase it is something i need to take care of. thank you!

  2. David Aler says:

    MY upper eyelid is swollen. Why?
    Last night, out of no where, my upper eyelid got swollen (just half of it) I figured I got some cat dander in my eye since I am allergic to it.I took allergy medicine before I went to bed and woke up to my upper eyelid fully swollen. This has never happened before. My eyeball it self doesn’t itch and it is not red.

    • Sandra M says:

      I have seen this happening with mosquito bites.

      No pain or irritation… just a pillow over your eye…

      It can be something else… this is only a guess. :)

      If it is a mosquito bite… it should go back to normal between 1 and 3 days.

  3. Yaz says:

    My upper eyelid is swollen,What’s the best treatment?
    I woke up 3 days ago and had some pain in my upper eyelid, but there was no swelling. Over the past couple of days, there has been increased swelling. There is no pimple or spot, its is just very swollen. Does anyone know what it could be, and how to treat it?


    • Maria says:

      hey!! no there isnt a treatment. go to ur doctor and they’ll have to cut inside of ur eyelid to get the liquid out. its kinda like an infection and can happen to everyone. it happend to me and yea its not painful when they cut it to get it out. also if u go rite now they mite give u something that mite stop it much possibly not.

  4. Ashleigh S says:

    Why is my upper eyelid swollen??? Please help!?
    Okay, so yesterday at school my eye had been hurting all day. Whenever I put a small amount of pressure on my upper eyelid, I felt pain. I went home and my mom found a little spec of mascara up under my top eyelash. She removed it and we washed my eye out with eye stuff that’s supposed to clean your eye. Then, we put in eye drops a couple hours later because it still hurt. Before i went to bed, it was getting swollen. I woke up this morning and my eye couldn’t open, there was gunky stuff between my eyelashes and my top eyelid is very very swollen. Please help me. What could this be!!

    • tj says:

      Sometimes when you get something in the eye like you did with an eyelash, this can become irritated as you see with the swelling. Since you flushed it with an eye wash, I’d just flush it out with water now. If the swelling increases see a doctor, if it is just swollen due to the irritation that should go down in a day or so. The “gunky stuff” coming out is likely a way that the eye is cleaning itself out from this. I’ve had this happen a time or two, when I flushed with water after I got stuff coming out it seemed to be at worst irritated and draining for 2 days when I woke (not 2 days straight, just when I woke up). Try to keep your eye clean but not to pay too much attention to as it can be sore if you keep messing with this. IF you have this last longer than 2 days now stop in and see a pharmacist or make a doctor appt . to see if something got inside the lid that caused an infection. IF the drainage now is not green or yellowish green then you should be ok while it clears itself out. (If the gunky stuff is clear or white just it’s alright, just getting rid of stuff in the eye that’s not the usual).

  5. Callahan Chica says:

    Swollen upper eyelid…what’s wrong?
    Okay so like a week ago my little brother threw a pillow at my face and it scrapped against my actual eye. Well, yesterday (Sunday) I woke up and my eyelid on the eye my little brother hit was swollen really bad! Like it was almost shut. It was tender to the touch, red, and it did hurt a little. Today it is still like this! I honestly don’t think it’s from my brother throwing the pillow at me cuz I don’t see it taking a week to swell. I have scowered the internet looking for what it could be but I can’t find anything.It is still here, and it seems like its worse in the mornings. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks for all yall’s help :)
    Btw, my actual eye isn’t red, its just my eyelid.

    • Lil Nugget says:

      You could’ve rubbed or iritated your eye in a way it didn’t agree with which made the lid swell. Also, you could have hit it and not have known about it. If it has only been a few days, don’t worry about it. But if it becomes more than 3-4 days, and you don’t see ANY improvment at all, you might want to contact your doctor. hope i helped :)

  6. Melissa says:

    I have had swelling on my left upper eyelid with no pain. What could be the cause?
    I have been waking up with my left eyelid swollen almost every morning. The problem is that it is only in one eye and there is no pain. Also, the swelling usually goes away by about noon. Is there anything you can tell me that might be causing this.

  7. xForever.Me says:

    Swollen upper eyelid!?
    I woke up with my upper left eyelid swollen. This sometimes happens to me but it usually goes away in 5-6 hours, but this has been on me since two days ago. If it is a stye, how can I prevent the stye from appearing? Right now its just swollen, pleasee help! I don’t want a stye….

  8. Peter W says:

    Left Upper eyelid swollen again.?
    Hello all,
    This is my first question here on yahoo answers,
    I had a swollen eyelid back in November 07, I went to a doctor and he told me it as a stye developing behind my eyelid. The swelling got worse and worse as the days went on and I didnt feel the eyedrops or anitbiotics did me any use. The sweeling eventually diaspeared after sleeping for 3 days proped up on the couch. I was happy it finally cleared up, it was really getting irritating. Just yesterday I noticed the same feeling in my eye as last time. I took a look at my eyelid this morning and it had begun to swell again. I have no idea if it is a stye, as I was under the understanding that styes were on the edge of the eyelid. There is no pimple same as last time and it is the same eye that is swelling up. I am worried now that there is something wrong with my eye. I have very high levels of hygine. I am a freek this way. So i dont know what it is or how it started again. Any help would be great, thanks in advance, pete

    • yagman says:

      Based upon your description I doubt the eyedrops you used were of any benefit at all. That is because the infection was within the tissues of the lid. Eyedrops are only capable of dealing with infections of the exposed tissues of the eye. If you were also prescribed oral anitbiotics, the oral antibiotics (even though you didn’t think so) probably DID work. That’s because it usually takes 3 to 4 days for an antibiotic to really start resolving an infection.

      The problem is, though, with a chalazion (that’s what you had — not a stye) the body starts to wall off the infected gland in it’s defense but this walling off prevents good glood flow and penetration of the drug into the deepest portions of the infected gland. You may be having a recurrence due to bacteria that were never completely killed. I would recommend going in to a lid surgeon and have him or her surgically remove the infected chalazion. This should completely deal with your problem.

  9. Ashley M says:

    Silly question: My upper eyelid is swollen, but there’s not redness or anything my eyeball…Do I need to?
    wear my glasses rather than my contacts? What could cause the swelling other than an allergic reaction? Thanks in advance.

    • Lisa P says:

      You could let your GP have a look at your swollen eyelid but if your actual eye becomes irritated, red, sore then it is important to see an Optometrist ASAP & let them know you are a contact-wearer – You can get in easily to see an Optom who then might have to refer you to an Eye Specialist for an urgent appointment – This can be more serious and needs to be acted on.

  10. Wicked says:

    My upper eyelid swollen … only RIGHT eye?
    Approximately every 3 weeks or so, the upper lid of my right eye (only the right one) gets very swollen and puffy to the point where I almost cant open my eye. It usually goes away in 24 – 48 hours. I can’t figure out why it happens, I do not wear contact lenses, and if it was an allergic reaction I don’t understand how it could only ever happen to one eye and never the other. Can anyone help?

  11. foxlance says:

    swelling eyelid solution? home or pharmaceutical approach is welcome?
    i didnt know what i did, but after spending time at the office programming in front of the computer, and playing video games until midnight, i woke up with one of my upper eyelid a bit swollen. i dont know what cause this, i dont think its fatigue from computers though. maybe insect bite from mosquitoes, or roaches, or some bug pokemon, i dont though, im in my second day, and it didnt increase/decrease in size. what should i do?

    • Will M says:

      It is probably a sty. Which is an infection of the hair follicle in the eye lid. It is easy to be tired and scrub your eye with dirty hands and pull an eye lash.

      My remedy, is to rub the tip of my finger on my other hand, causing friction, when the tip of the finger gets hot, I place the tip ¨hot tip¨over the affected area. I do this several times and several time a day. The friction creates heat and that heat when placed over the small infection, kills the bacteria. Presto the sty is gone. This will also work well with painful nose pimples. The moment you feel one coming on, heat the affected area as described and it will rid the pimple, dead on its tracks. Hope this helps. Will.

  12. Wisen Smart says:

    What could be causing swelling in my upper eyelids?
    I hardly use makeup and if I do its hypoallergenic, I am in my 40s and most of the time my upper eyelids look as if there was an egg stuck in each eye. No crease whatsoever, I do not practice boxing. Its so unattractive and makes me look ill. Water is no issue because I make sure I drink plenty of it. Anybody had this problem and what could be causing it. I never had this issue before. thanks

    • Susie Q says:

      I had that too for years, but mostly on one eye. I’m middle age now. First the simple solution. It’s an allergy symptom. Allergy eye drops work great. That treats the symptom, which is what Drs have us do for most common problems that aren’t viral or bacterial.

      Later, I become very ill with all sorts of weird symptoms – about 25. Took a very long time to figure out what was wrong and Drs had no clue. Turns out because there is no test to test for what was bothering me. My daughter was symptomatic too at the same time. We are allergic to pesticides – in food and every day products. Since it can be in detergents, we found detergents that didn’t bother us. And had to begin an organic diet. It all worked out very well. In the process it became obvious that my swollen eyelids were caused by my reaction to pesticides. It was a sensitivity I had all of my life, but didn’t know it because the symptoms are every day common health problems. In my case they just go worse as allergies can.

      My symptoms meant that neurons in my nervous system had become very frail and intolerant of poison. Pesticides are especially harsh on weak neurons even in trace amounts. Below is my plan for reducing pesticide body load if you want to try it to see if it cures your eyelid problems. It’s very easy and can be done in parts but the diet, mostly staple organic foods, must be followed completely. Good luck.

      Home treatment

      All products below are easy on the nervous system. Few or no insect killers and like, especially the Palmolive and Aleve and baking soda.

      Use only foods with fully organic ingredients -read all labels always. If exposure to problem fumes is unavoidable breath though the mouth to reroute Poison away from the brain. Make and eat anything you like as long as it’s not processed with water and is fully organic. The foods below are the ones known to me to be fully organic with the exception of unbleached flour.

      Tip: Use hand sanitizer after using conventional hand soap to sedate strong chemicals (pesticides) in soap. Better: use Palmolive original dish detergent for hand soap.

      Tip: If you have cloth lampshades in the bedroom, remove them from the room or wash them by hand with Tide-free.

      Tip: No baking powder. Substitute organic cream of tartar (from internet) + baking soda + organic corn starch; or fully organic lemon juice + baking soda for leavening. Use only the products below for soap

      Tide-free (use no fabric softener) – wash all bedding, pillows drapes right away.Then clothes – Palmolive original dish detergent (use for all cleaning) – Aleve neproxen non-gelcaps – Dr Bronner’s organic unscented liquid soap – Baking soda for toothpaste – Colgate’s Peroxyl rinse for mouth wash – Almay hypoallergenic or mineral deodorant (sold at health food stores).

      Produce – Butter (salted only) – Eggs -Whole milk -Peanut butter – Unbleached flour -Salt (no additives) – Olive oil – Ocean caught fish in place of organic meat to trim budget – peanuts – agave nectar sweetener in place of sugar – canned little fish fillets in spring water . Flours, grains, sugars, and seasoning are not fully organic ( tap water part of processing), but hey, got to have pancakes, bread, and cake once in a while as long as fully organic otherwise and homemade. Eat anything you want and make anything you want as long as it’s all organic.

      Poison-free Organic Ice cream recipe = 2 eggs+16oz half+half + 1/4 cp Agave nectar. Heat in microwave on Hi for 2 min ea + stir = 7 min. Freezer until cool. Add another 16oz half+half + Mix. Put ice cream maker or in any container into freezer. Wait 2-3 hrs.

  13. coolguy says:

    My right upper eyelid is really swollen, what can i do?
    i think it might be due to my allergies…i don’t thinks its pink eye and its not a bacterial infection because there is no puss like discharges….i can’t go see a doctor till a couple of days later..

    is there anything i can do in the mean time to stop or make the swelling go down? what kinds of medicines can i buy

  14. mani says:

    Painful, swollen left upper eyelid?
    Yesterday night, I noticed a pain in my eye. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that my left upper eyelid was swollen. It has stayed swollen since that time, and it is very painful when I blink and move my eye around. It’s so swollen that it feels really heavy, and I can’t open my eye fully. I have been looking for a stye, since I have gotten some before, but I see nothing there at all. Just painful swolleness. Does anyone know what this could be ?? :( thanks

  15. bttrfli1432 says:

    What would cause your upper inside eyelid to swell?

    • Nebula D says:

      Could be conjunctivitis or a sty, but is more likely a chalazion. Sties typically occur near the eyelashes on the upper or lower lids as they are bacterial infections of the eyelash follicles. I’m not sure, but I think chalazions tend to occur on the upper lid. I’m a dentist, not an ophthalmologist, so I could be wrong.

      A chalazion is a lot like a zit. An oil gland in your eyelid (called the “meibomian gland” or “tarsal gland”) gets blocked, filled with oil, ruptures, and becomes inflamed.

      Warm compresses are typically adequate to manage these (and sties, as well). Obviously, keep your dirty fingers away from your eyes, and keep your face clean.

      As with any health problem, if home remedies don’t bring about improvement, see your physician. He/she may refer you to an ophthalmologist. An optometrist is perfectly capable of handling the problem as well.

  16. Angie says:

    Are swollen and extremely itchy upper eyelids a symptom of high cedar pollen in the air?
    I like in Round Rock, TX and supposedly the cedar count is off the charts this season. Lately, I’ve been experiencing extremely itchy upper eyelids of both eyes that I’ve never experienced before, and I’ve been an allergy sufferer all my 22 years of life. Yesterday morning was the 3rd morning I’ve woken up (not 3 days in a row) with a very swollen upper eyelid. I recently went to my eye doctor for a checkup and thought I’d see what his opinion was, and he claims its the cedar in the air.

    What do you think? If not, what are your guesses? Treatments, helpful medications or ointments?
    Much appreciated.

  17. gone says:

    Swelling and Soreness in my upper eyelid?
    I woke up this morning and my upper eyelid is swelled and sore. I cant open my eye all the way and i dont know why. Could u tell me y its swollen or if u dont know that how to get rid of the swelling

    • Cheetara says:

      Not sure but i had something similar a while ago and put ice cubes on but mine was not as bad as yours sounds!

      If you cant open your eye at all then you probably need medical help…go see a doctor

  18. Peace4ever says:

    What should I do? My upper eyelid is swollen?
    Reposted because I didn’t get any answers that I was looking for.

    About 2 days ago at around 3:00pm my lashline was sore, and when I got home I washed all of my makeup off to find that my left eyelid was pink. I decided to try to sleep it off and woke up in the morning with my eyelid swelled up, so I stayed home from school and used a cold compress every 20-30 minutes. Today I woke up and it seems that it has either gotten worse or stayed the same (I can’t really tell) Should I be using a warm compress? I have no known allergies, so I don’t know what it could be. The day that I started to become sore I was wearing eyeliner, mascara, and a new eyeshadow from CoverGirl (which I has also used the day before as well) I know I should go see a doctor, so please refrain from telling me, I would just like to try something beforehand to see if the swelling will go down that way. What should I do?

    Also, I’m 15 years old if that matters. And I do not, nor have I ever worn contacts.
    Also, I did cry the day before I experienced soreness, but I’m not sure if that would cause my eyelids to be swelled for this long.

  19. kae says:

    why has my upper right eyelid been swollen on and off for past few months?
    I notice when I wake in the morning that my eyelid is swollen. The swelling can last all day, but doesn’t always. there is no pain or redness. I stopped using the eye makeup i was using in case of allergic reaction. it did not help the problem. I sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. I have a healthy diet. What could be the cause of this swelling?

    • Theo says:

      There is one reason that I can think of and it is allergy’s but to pollen or outside things, even mold on a blanket or somewhere in the house that when you leave it starts to not be as swollen.
      So take claritan or other allergy medicine and definitely visit a doctor who will look at it.

  20. ♥Black Tigress♥ says:

    Eyelid bump/swell – like thing on my upper eye lid, warm or cold?
    Okay, I’ve Always been told that cold things bring down swelling. But whenever I search up eyelid swelling or Chalazion (eye bump swell thing), it always says put something hot over it so it can stop swelling and “drain” .

    In my case, its not very noticable, but it is shiny and kinda red. It is not severe like the google images if you type in “eyelid swelling” or “Chalazion”. Its kinda on the middle of my right upper eyelid.

    This morning I put ice on it, not knowing that Im “supposed” to put something hot on it, although it did feel better, it didn’t really go down, it pretty much stayed there.

    For a Chalazion (Eyelid swell thing) , am I really supposed to put something hot on it, or because it is swelling, do I put something cold on it?
    No I searched Chalazion…Sh*t, just answer my question.

    • gamesnanimegrl8708 says:

      It sounds like to me that it’s a Sty. You’re supposed to put something hot on it because it’s a pimple on the eye and to make it bust you have to but something warm on it, and it will stop it from swelling. Also, try to get some rest it should go away in a few days.

  21. Sandra K says:

    Eyelid pain and swelling with no redness?
    My left upper eyelid is swollen and painful to the touch. There are no visible marks or redness. The only discharge happens during the night when I sleep. I have tried both heat and cold but neither seems to help and now my lower lid seems to be swelling as well. I have a real fear of doctors due to a really bad near death illness I had last year due to an Md’s malpractice so anything I can do at home I would be greatful for. Thankyou in advance.
    P.S. I am having some blurred vision toady which is about day 4

  22. my_pixie19 says:

    My upper eyelid is swollen?
    It started getting sore the day before yesterday along the upper eyelashes, it swelled up a bit that evening. I woke up yesterday and it was almost closed up with the swelling, a couple of hours later it went down a bit, but still swollen, pink and very painful. Today its still quite swollen and I’ve noticed something on the bit of eye skin between the eyelashes and the eye ball that looks like a tiny yellow scab, about the size of a pin head. around that area it is a bit swollen there as well now. The eyelid feels like its got some sort of fluid in it and is painful in the middle of the eyelid near to the lash line.
    If anyone has any ideas of what it could be or how I can treat it I would be really grateful, as I can’t go to the doctors till wednesday.

    • july says:

      This is probably a chalazion or a stye. My guess would be a chalazion; I have them periodically and your symptoms are like mine.

      You may want to search for images of “chalazion” to verify that this is what you have. Some are small; some are large and horrible.

      A stye is an infected eyelash follicle.

      A chalazion happens when one of the lubricating ducts in your eyelid (top or bottom) is blocked and your eyelid swells. This causes general edema (swelling due to fluid buildup) in the eyelid. It also causes the duct itself to fill with yellow fluid. Sometimes the duct ruptures and the fluid drains (like a pimple), then you get a scab and soreness.

      A washcloth soaked in warm water and held over the area several times a day will relieve your symptoms. This will encourage the body to reabsorb some of the excess fluid.

      Of course, go to the doctor if your symptoms get worse, but most chalazions resolve (go away) by themselves. I’ve had some stubborn ones that didn’t rupture and required lancing (draining) by a doctor, but it sounds like yours has ruptured.

      Some people are more prone to chalazions. Sometimes using eyeliner can block those ducts, so be careful with makeup!

  23. Angie says:

    Right upper eyelid occassionally swells and has itchy, peeling skin?
    This has never happened to me before, even when I had bad allergies. I’ve woken up 3 times already with a very swollen right eyelid. It slowly goes down throughout the day, but the next, the skin on it peels and itches badly. I haven’t made any drastic lifestyle or diet changes. I thought I’d ask my eye doctor when I got an eye exam just in case, and he just suggested it was the cedar in the air.

    Any suggestions?

  24. April says:

    What do I do for my 2 year olds swollen upper eye?
    The swelling is in his upper eyelid right below the brow, its slightly redish too, though no redding in the actual eye. He doesn’t have a fever, and isn’t acting different. I noticed it when he woke up this morning and it hasn’t gone away. The strangest thing is my friends daughter is experiencing the same exact thing, and we can’t figure it out. I don’t know what to do, should I take him to the emergency room? Give him children tylonol or bynadryl? He fights me when I try and use a warm compress on it, and he rubs it occasionally. It’s late and I can’t go to my doctors so I’d have to go sit in the emergency for 6 hours, so I am wondering what it could be and if there is anything I can do until tomorrow?
    ill definitely be speaking with my doctor, but isn’t pinkeye located in the eyelid? not the upper eyelid? area directly below the eyebrow, before the actual eyelid itself. and i thought there’s usually redness IN the eye? he had no redness in his actual eye.
    thanks JB i will try that. maybe ill soak him in a hot/warm bath to get him to hold still long enough. guess ill be asking the rest of my questions tomorrow at the doctors. I’ve been keeping an eye on it, and the swelling has worsened a bit, not too much- but it’s concerning none the less. Thanks!

    • J B says:

      You don’t need to take a child to an ER for something like this. Wipe it gently with a warm washcloth and get him in to see his family physician tomorrow – it could be pink eye. If he wakes up tomorrow morning with a lot of yellow gunk in his eye, that’s probably what it is. It could also be a bug bite and the swelling will be less tomorrow. If it is worse with no gunk, give him some benadryl and still see his doctor. There is no reason for a visit tonight.

  25. softyx says:

    I got a swelling in the upper eyelid right at the tear duct next tomy nose,not much pain,should I see a doctor
    it just started after I woke up this morning….. not much pain… its not unbearab le also ? should I see a doctor ?

    • lbmk says:

      You could apply a warm moist compress to your eye 4 times a day, like a wet washcloth, try not to touch/rub your eye, wash your hands frequently, especially after touching your eyes. See a doctor if increased pain and it does not improved

  26. busy lady says:

    pain in the head while moving the eyes,with my right upper eyelid,swollen?
    hi!yesterday,i woke up feeling weak and that whenever i moved my eyes,my head hurts,or i guess it’s just at the back of my eyes that i felt the pain, when i faced the mirror, well i was shocked to see my right upper eyelid swollen.it went like that the whole day and when i woke up again this morning,i still feel the pain about this eye thingy and the swollen eyelid is still around!!i don’t feel any pain in my upper eyelid,….hope you can tell what’s the cause of this..thanks

    • musicimprovedme says:

      My eyes always hurt when I have sinus trouble, especially when I move my eyes to look around.

      An infection or congestion in the sinuses, or an infected upper tooth, can also cause pain behind the eyes. Even earache pain. Any of these can seem like something else, due to the close proximity of different parts inside the head, causing you to have mixed pain signals where it’s coming from, or due to spreading of infection from one area to the other, or if one causes inflammation that “bumps” into another area such as if the sinuses are really swollen it can cause pressure on the back of the eyeball which causes pain too.

      It could also be conjunctivitis (infection better known as pinkeye) or a stye. In the case of a stye, you will see a little bump, usually near the tearduct or near the inner eyelid and the pain is greater there. These are caused by eyestrain.

      My guess is that you may need to see a doc and they may find an infection that requires antibiotics. You may try an antihistimine remedy to rule out irritation from allergies…but if that doesn’t work, don’t mess around. The pain and the risk of permanent damage are not worth it.

  27. Huge24Fan says:

    swollen painful inner/upper eyelid?
    it’s not really that painful…of a scale from 1 to 10 the pain is probably about a 3 but it’s annoying cause it’s swollen. it started itching then got swollen…now my whole eye isn’t swollen it’s the corner of my right eye on the upper eyelid…I have checked webmd and I don’t think it’s a sty, or pink eye…thinking it could be a blocked tear duct or something got in my eye and got it infected…should I go to the doc just to be sure its not anything serious? I have a wedding to go to on sunday and I don’t wanna look like someone punched me in the eye lol. I don’t have any discharge, crusties or watering of the eye…it does hurt when I get smoke in my eye or I touch it. and it does water when I start to drink a cold soda or get smoke in it…any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • Macy says:

      Get a warm, damp wash cloth and hold it on it for about 15 minutes. Do then off and on through out the day until the swelling goes down. You can also take benadryl.

  28. aditi says:

    sometimes after getting up in morning i find swelling on eyelid,cheek &upper lip…………..? why?

  29. mommaluv says:

    Two year old with swollen eyelids?
    My friends 2 year old daughter has extremely swollen upper and lower eyelids on both eyes. She was diagnosed with strep throat prior to the swelling. Her eyes began to swell shortly before starting the antibiotic for strep and have continued to get bigger. She has seen 2 different doctors and been to the ER and no one can tell her what it is. They were originally concerned about her kidneys but they cleared that. Anyone been in this situation before, she needs help!

  30. vampivy001 says:

    how to get rid of swollen upper eyelids?
    my upper eyelids are swollen enough to bother me….its because of the benzoyl peroxide in proactiv….its annoying and i have to go somewhere tonight i tried putting ice on my face as well as egg whites…i washed my face and im pretty sure all of the bp is off……any quick fixs so i dont like a freak on my night out???

    its not “you need to see a doctor right away” bad im not even allergic to the stuff i just put it a little too close to my eye


    • Anonymous says:

      Brew yourself some green tea and then throw the tea bags in the refrigerator so they’re chilled and then put them over your eyes for 10-15 minutes. The antioxidants in the tea bags help reduce swelling and the cold helps reduce swelling also.

  31. Glamour91979 says:

    Use eyelid primer to make your eyeshadow stay longer and not crease. Urban decay's primer potion works AMAZING!

  32. PREETI says:

    Swollen upper eyelids?
    Hey guys! Ahhh I’m kind of scared / freaking out. I woke up this morning and I have SWOLLEN UPPER EYELID(right eye) And I can open my eyes but I cant really look upwards, if that makes sense, the skin stops them from opening. It just happened this morning, and its not fun. My right eye was hurting yesterday but not swallen.

    I am really scared cause i had lot of problems with my body this year. In may I had seizures twice. I went to neurologist he told me to do some scans and I did but nothing came up. So that was relief but he did prescribed me Keppra and Folic Acid. I have been talking those medicines since then.
    In August I had hives no idea how I got it I am not allergic to anything and i hadn’t eaten anything different that month.
    And I have been missing my period for four months(about to be five) I thought it might be because of medication i am taking but i asked my doctor he said he dont think so
    Now i have Swollen upper eyelids don’t know the reason
    I thing there is seriously something wrong with me but I dont know what to do.DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS WHAT SHOULD I DO? and I am only 16

    • jojo says:

      you probably have a stye under your eyelid, this happened to me about a week ago and its still healing. just put alot of heat on it, such as a warm towel of some sort at least 3 times a day for about a minute. You shouldn’t worry about it, as long as you can see think positive!

  33. timaa says:

    I put my contacts in and now my upper right eyelid is swollen?
    so i put my contacts in a few hours ago. a few hours after i woke up and now my upper right eyelid is swollen. (P.S. im only 13) Is this something to worry about?
    1. Should I take it out and put it back in a few minutes later..?
    2. Keep it in til’ the pain just goes away?

    • blondie says:

      Take it out now. You might have some dust or just eyelash anything stuck in there clean it out now you may need to leave it out a while. Make sure you soak it

  34. John says:

    Swollen and red upper eyelid, very painful.?
    My right eyelid is swollen in a line with my eye lashes, it is very red an very painful, does anybody know what this could be?
    I woke up this morning and my eye was stuck shut with puss I started taking penicillin last night is there anything I can put on it to stop the infection?

    • Capricorn Dancer has a camel toe says:

      It could be allergic conjunctivitis or acquired angioedema,get a Dr to check it out particularly where vision is concerned.

  35. Babyboy says:

    Swelling in the upper eyelid of my 8 month old?
    Two weeks ago my 8 month old had pink eye in both eyes and also post nanal drip. When he woke up this morning his left upper eyelid was puffy and had yellow crusty on the tips of his eyelashes. There is no fever no other signs of illness but is cranky. Could this be pinkeye again?
    Please help because the doctor thinks this related to allergies of some kind and he is to young to be tested.

    • Mrs. Damsel says:

      there are 3 main factors that causes pink eye,an allergic reaction,bacterial infection or viral infection..in the cade of your baby since there are yellow crust in the tips of his eyelashes then it is likely to be a conjuctivitis with bacterial infection because in both alleric and viral infection the eyes jyst turn pink without puffiness and yellow crust..

  36. Steve E says:

    Causes of a swollen eyelid?
    My boyfriends upper eyelid is swelling up kind of in the corner furthest away from his nose. It’s very sore to the touch and even when he closes his eye. It doesn’t really have a lump in it like a stye, but could it still be one? What else could it be?
    EDIT: No he did not get punched in the face, nor does he have skin rashes. He might’ve gotten hit briefly a couple days ago, but he didn’t start feeling anything until now. He also has Crohns, if that helps at all.

    • s.υ.η.η.ιε.ღ -->♥ says:

      to take the swelling down tell your boyfriend to put a hot compress on his eye and keep reheating until the swelling goes down.
      the best solution is to see an eye doctor though.
      I experienced something similar to this and it was already too late to stop it. I saw a doctor the second time i experienced this and he told me it was a chalazion. which is a cyst in the eyelid caused by inflammation of a gland.
      When i’m starting to get a chalazion my eyes will be red for a few days and when im close to getting one my eye swells and puffs up.
      tell your boyfriend to see a doctor before its too late.

  37. Julie Do says:

    What to do w/ a swollen upper eyelid?
    My left upper eyelid has been swollen for the past couple of days and I’m not sure of what the cause is. I took off my contacts coming home from school one day and everything was fine. After a couple hours my eye became itchy so I rubbed it and I felt a bit of discomfort, which wasn’t really painful but it wasn’t a pleasant feeling either.
    I didn’t think it was anything and went to bed. The next morning the upper lid of my eye was swollen and there was alot of discomfort + swelling by the tip of my eye closest to the bridge of my nose.
    It has been like this for 2-3 days now and it is more itchy than painful and is only uncomfortable whenever I poke at it or blink too hard.
    It may have been wearing my contacts too often and recklessly that’s caused this or just poor hygiene unfortunately but I don’t think it is a sty either b/c the swelling isn’t red or anything at all in one inflamed area. One eye just looks like the eyelid is bigger than the other. At the moment, the swelling has gone down but I’m afraid that it will become swollen again sometime in the night while I’m asleep.
    I haven’t been able to visit the doctor just yet and I’d like to know how to treat it until then as it is really annoying for me.
    Any contributions would be appreciated, thank you =]

  38. mistysky27 says:

    has left upper eyelid pain and slight swelling for about 5 years. This a usually leads to left sided migraine.?
    Seen specialist re-hearing heart beats in left ear.MRI shows prominent left jugular bulb.Migraine gets more frequent-weekly now.Seen eye specialist-eyes no problem.Lately have twitching of left upper eyelid and cheek..On Triptan and Nortriptyline.Eyelid aching badly. Can anyone tell me whats wrong? Thank You.
    Triptan and Nortriptylline was only started few weeks ago.

    • CoOkIeS says:

      i think this a side effect to the triptans personally, i would suggest looking a side effects for both of ur medication if u believe it is a side effect don’t juts stop taking ur med go see ur doctor and discuss the situation. for the migraine i suggest i take magnesium supplements

  39. BlakeTristan says:

    Upper Eyelid Swelling?
    Two days ago, I was working on my car. I lifted my vehicle to apply clamps, and muffler tape on a
    leak coming through my muffler. As I was working underneath it, a tiny piece of rust fell into my left eye, and I wiped it off, and I was fine, although it left my eye feeling a bit itchy later.
    Next day, I woke up, and noticed a slight swelling in my upper eyelid, I noticed the left and right eyelid had a slight unbalance, I shrugged it as nothing. It hurt, or more like I felt discomfort when I touched the eyelash area of my eye. So I tried to leave it alone, I had slight itching, and like a dumb as* I started rubbing my eye. And continued to rub it whenever I felt a slight itch.
    Today, I woke up in the morning, and the swelling was a lil more noticeable with minor redness.
    My sister asked me if my eye is ok, and I told her I dont’ know. Cause I don’t feel any pain, or
    serious itching, or any burning. It just swelled a bit. So I’m trying to find out what to do.

    I have work tomorrow at 7AM, and I don’t know what I should do for my swelling to go down.
    I don’t know if there are special eye drops I can get, or something I should be applying.
    Need advice. Professional answers greatly welcomed, thank you!

    • Sherrelie says:

      hmm, im not sure about your swollen eye, but i have gotten swollen eyelids like twice. and i dont know if you’ll like it or not, its an old chinese method actually :)
      try tieing a black string on your left middle finger for a day.

      or for real life help, get some cream at the pharmacy :)

      i hope these things could help you! and Im not kidding abt the chinese traditional method :) )

  40. shawnalynn123 says:

    21 month old daughter with swollen upper eyelid.?
    Yesterday when i got back home I noticed my daughter had a swollen upper eyelid. I looked at it and touched it to see if it was hurting her and she acted fine the whole time. She played, took a nap and was normal! My husband said that she never cried or anything but was not sure if she got hit by another child thats also in my home or if its just a mosquito bite cause when she get those on her legs and things they get big and red for a day or so. So this morning its not as bad but still red and a little swollen. Shes acting fine and again allowed me to put some warm water on it. She acts as if nothing is bothering her. Some people have told me that it sounds like a stye but there is no bump or anything on the outside and I can’t really see on the inside (I would think if there was one on the inside she would complain that it hurt when we touched it.)No drainage, crusty stuff when she woke up..Anyone know?? Should I see if I can get her into the doctor this afternoon?? Never had this1
    Yeah she seems to have no pain with it at all and No there is not discharge or anything of that matter. Its just a plain old red swollen upper eyelid and just on one eye!

    • Organic Mommy to 11 + 1 Angel ! says:

      This happened to my son about a week ago. After two days it was gone. We are pretty sure it was a mosquito bite. He never complained and there was no puss or anything. If it lasts more than 3 days, call her ped.

  41. Beautiful Stranger says:

    How can I bring down the swelling in my eyelids?
    For the past week or so, my eyelids have been swollen due to the allergic reaction of either my makeup or Olay face wash. Im not exactly sure how to bring down the swelling. It is the upper eyelids. They are puffy and kinda scratchy; as if they have rashes on them. The little “rashes” are under my eyelid too; and are not swollen.

    Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    • Nana Lamb says:

      soak cottom pads with Witch Hazel and lay on the eye area while you rest.

      You can use cucumber slices, wet tea bags, and a few other things too.

      Did you toss the eye makeup? Eye make up should be changed every 3 months for new ones. They get bacteria in them and can cause severe infections. Mascara, shadow, and liner all need this changing.

      regular make up and face wash may cause reactions too.

  42. Toby S says:

    help i have a swollen upper eyelid?
    ok i was playing bball onetime and i got poked in my left eye by a dude, the my upper left eye lid had a little red bump on it but slowly that went away, but now it is still smaller than the other.. Is this an infection or does it really take this longgggggggggggggggg to heal. i think its been about a year since it happend? will cold ice help or what? there was no pain ever so i dont think its a infection but

  43. sarafilipa89 says:

    Swollen (and slightly painful) eyelid!?
    I have a swollen upper eyelid. Also, it hurts when I blink, although it’s not too bad. The thing is, I am not too worried about it, it’s a common problem that happens to most people. However, about 9 months ago, I had surgery to remove a meibomian cyst from the same eyelid, and I wanted to know if this sudden swelling may be in any way related. I don’t want the cyst to come back at all, since the surgery was painful and I still cringe whenever I remember the anesthesia injection. Is there any way I can prevent the same problem from happening again?

    Thank you for your anwers!

    • BECKY A says:

      warm compacts and check with your doctor first thing monday morning..just to make sure this isnt a reaccurance of before…good luck to you, i have learned from the past we only get one set of eyes,take care of them…..

  44. Anonymous says:

    I got a swollen upper eyelid and it hurts when I blink?
    I naught the similason allergy eye relif and I pit it on in the night and when I woke up my eye was aall watery and pussy, the swelling and pain got worse. What could this be???

    • Felecia says:

      It COULD be an infected sty. Don’t touch it because if you touch your good eye it can transfer. Don’t touch someone else, because it can transfer. Either way, take a hot rag and do your best to keep it as hot as possible and as long as possible. When using the rag, wear some type of glove and always wash your hands. Now, I have had a teacher with a problem like this. It was a very bad boil the doctor said it was from using old infected makeup. If you wear makeup then you should probably get rid of it and get new stuff. Try not to use the same rag for too long cause the rag will eventually hold the infection.

  45. puck_32303 says:

    daughter has cold and is waking in morning with right uppr eyelid swollen- gets betr thru day-is it from cold?
    Our daughter has a cold and has been waking up with a swollen right upper eyelid in the morning.It gets better through the day and does not seem to bug her. We have been in to the doctor when this started and he said it was just due to her cold. It seems a long time to be going on, is it the cold or should we go back and be more concerned?

    • Doktorr Hoo says:

      can’t help wondering if it is an allergy – something to which she is exposed during the night but not during the day

  46. Me says:

    The corner of my upper eyelid is really swollen.?
    My eye started to get swollen 2 days ago and it has just been getting worse, at first i thought it was a stye, because i had one on the same eye on my lower eyelid, at the same time. That stye went away but my upper eyelid got worse, there is no bump and it is at the corner of upper eyelid, it hurts when i blink, and the icde and warm cloth only helps temperarly, help me! Whats wrong? What can i do? Thanks in advance!

    • dremadagwa says:

      this is infection may be bacterial or viral and u need to see an ophthalmogist to prescribe u the correct eye drops

  47. Heartache of An Infatuated Girl says:

    Swollen Upper Eyelid
    Ever since I got back from work (I’m a cleaner) yesterday, I’ve been feeling a bit of ache around my eye. It started under my eye, and now I can see it’s made my upper eyelid swollen a tiny bit in a pink-ish colour. The pain under my eye’s disappeared, but the swollen eyelid is baffling me. How did I get it? What should I do about it?

    • ♥ Monno ♥ says:

      The same exact this happened to my mom and actually it was because she was cleaning aswell! Its from chemicals and cleaning utensils. It happened because you prolly got it in your eye. My mom put warm tea on a little rag or a little peice of cloth. And she put it on her eye. I think you should just wait for it to go down with the assistance of the tea. if not then go to the doctor

  48. Dobby42 says:

    How to treat a swollen eyelid, and whether it will affect my vision.?
    I have a slightly swollen eyelid. It’s only swollen in my right eye (upper eyelid in the corner closest to my nose). There’s almost no pain (a little sensitivity if I blink real hard or put pressure on it).

    It’s red under the eyelid, but there is no puss. It is, however, a little itchy.

    How can I diagnose this, how can I treat it, and will it affect my vision in the long term?

    • pennybarr says:

      It sounds like a stye, but could just be an irritation caused by allergies. Try putting a hot compress on your eye for about 15 minutes every hour or so or as often as you can. If it gets larger and you see puss, it is most likely a stye. If is does not, try some over the counter eye drops for allergies. The irritation or stye should not effect either in the short or long term.

      If it doesn’t clear up in a few day, go see an eye specialist. If you haven’t seen one in 3 or more years, it is past time for a comprehensive dilated eye exam anyway.

  49. acuramike0007 says:

    Why is my upper eyelid swollen?
    I got sand in my eye yesterday. To remove it i washed me eye out multiple times with water rubbed alot. Woke up this morning dont feel the sand just swollen? Should i see a doctor?

    • b. says:

      you may want to. you may need an antibiotic. you may have scratched the inside of your lid. sounds that way. it’s probably very irritated along with possible scratches. it would not hurt to go.

  50. Jason says:

    Swollen upper eye lid… Please help?
    Hi, I’ve got this major problem that is freaking me out.. Well the problems is that my left upper eyelid is swollen. It is not itchy, red or anything like that.. I feel no pain or anything at all, just a slight discomfort… The eye lid swells up sometimes very little bit so you can hardly notice, but sometimes it’s quite noticeable…

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Has anyone suffered from this? and how can I treat this? Help please…. Thank you in advance
    Ps. I havent been hit or anything like that, no black eye…
    I’m a teenage female, and I used to ave sty’s when I was younger but im sure this is not it this time :)

  51. Renee_warrior says:

    Painless swelling of the upper eyelid (no lump just complete swelling)??? please help?
    for 3-4 days now I have woken up with a both eyes swollen however i am not in any PAIN except for a constant headache, my eyelids feel heavy, there is an itchy feeling and when i close my eyes my headache pounds, i am also light sensitive and my eyes are very watery. Please help any kind of help would be most appreciated. Thank you ^^

  52. Liz says:

    Thank you for asking, Jill.

    Little Man's swelling became progressively worse and the picture was taken on his first day of steroids and three days after the bee sting.

    The swelling went down in a matter of days, but the discoloration remained for more than two weeks after!

    I've come to the conclusion that Little Man is a bee magnet.

    October is the worst, though, with bees flying into everything in a druken stupor.

    One of the reasons I love the winter – NO BUGS!

  53. SWAGGER_PAPA says:

    I’m now gonna have to head down to the hospital, the swelling and the pain in my elbow has gotten worse, and my fingers are numb.

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